Monday, August 8, 2011

Yay for Yard Sales

The Corb's and I have been needing a desk for our office since we moved in and we shopped around and looked online and everything was super expensive and cheap at the same time. No bueno. So a Saturday before I had to be to work, I checked out a few yard sales on our street. I found this lovely. She was $10. I sent a picture to corbin and he had zero faith in her, but I did, so I bought it and stuffed it in my Jetta.

I am not crafty... at all. But I wish I was, so sometimes I try to be. I went to Wal-Mart and bought burgundy spray paint, Mod Podge, and some fabric. Yes, spray paint did get on my driveway. Yes, Corbin was mad at me.

The fabric was on sale so I only paid $1 for it. Mod Podge was $5. And I spent about $6 on spray paint. So my new and improved desk only cost me $22. Not too bad if ya ask me. And it gave me a fun project to do on my day off. I think we're going to search a few more yard sales and find a bigger desk for Corb to use for work/school and I will use this one for my crafts, sewing machine, work, etc. I like the way it turned out!

PS: Do not look at the blue carpet.. so ugly.


  1. That is so so cute, Heather! I love it.

  2. I didnt know Heather was so crafty! lol Super cute!

  3. Love it Heather! You did an awesome job!

  4. How cute is that!! Love it! :) I am your newest follower, found you and love your blog!