Friday, July 8, 2011

Extra Extra Read All About It!

So I'm usually not big on having my fingernails painted. I have to have my toenails painted. But having my fingernails painted usually really annoys me and I end up picking it off. BUT, I just found this REALLY cute idea online and I had to try it!

Newspaper Nails!!

How cute are these!? They're totally different, but that's why I like them. And guess what?... They are WAY easy to do and I will tell you how!

1. Find a lighter color of fingernail polish that you like (A thicker polish that goes on solid looks the cutest). I did a light pink today and used 2 coats.

2. Make sure they are completely dry!

3. Get some alcohol. (The site said to use vodka, but I'm not into that sort of thing so I used rubbing alcohol haha.. seemed to work fine)

4. Dip a fingernail into the alcohol and stick a piece of newspaper over the wet nail.

5. Push it on there good and make sure it got on the whole nail and then peel it off slowly.

6. You will be really impressed with yourself! Its so easy!

7. Finish with a clear top coat! Waa-Laa!!


  1. SO CUTE! I love it! And I love that you have a blog, I am now following you.

  2. wow! I am totally going to do this!!!!!! that is so cool looking!! thanks for sharing!

  3. That is sooo cool! I really wanna try this now.

  4. That is awesome Heather! Now you need to figure out how to do the marbleizing one! :)

  5. Oh my heck!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I want to try!!!

  6. This is amazing! I need to try this!

  7. Such a cute idea!! I will definitely be trying this!!